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Palace of Westminster

We are excited to announce that Hardware Workshop is coming to London on June 1st! Being our third international workshop this will be a one day event.

Hardware workshop is a one day event for hardware startups. Taught by experienced operators, it’s purpose is simple: Teach important lessons to the next generation of hardware entrepreneurs.

What makes this workshop unique is the quality of the content, the deep operational experience of the teachers, and the long term connections you will make. Hand curated, each teacher covers a unique topic that falls within the startup’s life cycle from an idea to reaching market fit.

Who Should Attend?

This is for startups that are between an idea to successfully shipping their first product. We will have 12 different 60 minute sessions, taught by experienced operators, covering a variety of topics from defining your product to picking the right suppliers to successfully launching your company.

What Will I Learn?

Lots. We will have 6 different 60 minute sessions on:

  • Stages of Product Development
  • Customer Development and Prototyping
  • Raising seed funding
  • Crowdfunding
  • How to pick a contract manufacturer
  • Hardware by the numbers: Rules of thumb when building a hardware company


Wednesday, June 1st. Doors open at 9:00am

Sessions run every hour (except for lunch) from 10am – 5pm.

Followed by Happy Hour


Fablab London – 1 Frederick’s Pl, London EC2R 8AE, United Kingdom



This includes breakfast, lunch, beverages, and happy hour. Being entrepreneurs we are sensitive to charging for events, but we found a minimum amount enables us to make the events better (good food, audio/video equipment, location, organizer help, etc), while ensuring you are committed to the event.

How Do I Attend?

First you have to apply. We only have 60 open spots. We are looking for startup teams who are working on a hardware product and who really want to attend. We aren’t judging what people are building, just verifying people are actually building hardware. Otherwise the lessons we’re teaching can’t be applied. If your application is accepted you will get an email to purchase a spot.


How Do I Buy A Ticket?

Once you are accepted you will be emailed a code to purchase your ticket.

If you have any other questions just send an email to marc (at)

Who Is Teaching?

Marc Barros – Moment
Marc Barros is the co-founder of Moment, the best tools in the world for mobile photographers. Prior to Moment, Marc was a co-founder and former CEO of Contour, a hands-free camera company that makes action video easy to capture and share. Shortly after graduating from the University of Washington, Marc co-founded Contour in 2004 and led the organization from a garage to a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. @marcbarros

anna headshot

Anna Thornton – Dragon Innovation
Anna is a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer who understands both the technical and business aspects of an organization to balance their often competing needs. Currently, at Dragon Anna supports hardware teams by; defining and managing their quality system implementations, providing expertise in hardware design, product development, production systems, and cost reduction. Anna has also provided distinctive consulting for 100+ global companies in a variety of industries diagnosing, troubleshooting, and improving product design, production, and their bottom line. She received her BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University, and her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. In her spare time, Anna is an avid cyclist and enjoys building furniture in her home workshop.

Barbara Belvisi – Hardware Club

Barbara is an expert on all things Hardware and regular speaker at tech conferences. She is a co-founder of the Hardware Club, which has helped more than 100 founders build and scale amazing hardware companies. Barbara is also co-founder of Elephants and Ventures, a venture boutique whose portfolio includes Prynt, Lima, ISKN, and Keecker. She has been in the Venture Capital industry for many years and has invested in more than 15 startups. Recently, Barbara co-authored a book on the IoT. @Hardware_Club


Ben Einstein – Bolt
Ben Einstein is an experienced product designer and entrepreneur. Ben is currently the Managing Director of Bolt, a seed-stage fund that invests capital, personnel, equipment, and expertise in hardware startups. Bolt provides companies with capital, staff, shop equipment, and extensive expertise with manufacturing and commercialization. Prior to starting Bolt, Ben ran Brainstream Design, a product design and development consultancy in Massachusetts. Ben has been directly responsible for bringing a long list of products to market covering diverse sectors including consumer electronics, high-performance audio, sporting goods and green energy.@BenEinstein

emily brooke

Emily Brooke – Blaze
Emily is the founder of Blaze, which has created a radical innovation to save cyclists’ lives. Blaze have raised money from the likes of of Index Ventures, Pembroke VCT, Lepe Partners and the Branson Family. Their consumer products are shipping to 65+ countries around the world and they have recently won the contract to integrate their technology into all of the Santander Cycles in London. London is the first on a roadmap of cities Blaze are working with to become full technology partners in Bike Sharing, establishing themselves as the urban mobility brand of the future. Emily has studied physics at Oxford University product design in Brighton and Milan.


Rafi Ajl – Highway 1
Rafi is designer who believes design comes from concept, research, and rigorous process oriented work. At Highway1, Rafi runs the design program assisting teams in bridging the space between the complexity of engineering and poetics of design. In addition, Rafi runs the prototyping facilities, working with teams to ask questions, and prototype answers to mitigate risk along the hardware development process. Rafi has a MFA in Industrial Design from the California College of the Arts, and teaches in the department as well. In past lives, he has had his hands in critical theory, landscape architecture, bicycle design and fabrication, and artistic practice.

Kano Computing - Business Pages

Yonatan Raz-Fridman – Kano
As Founding CEO at Kano, Yonatan co-created the Kano computer kit, an award-winning product now at the hands of over 100,000 children in over 80 countries. Since the company’s establishment in January 2013, Yonatan played an instrumental role in designing and developing the company’s product portfolio; establishing operations which enabled the company to deliver over 80,000 units to customers in over 80 countries with extraordinary level of quality; build an ambitious and committed team of over 35 people from over 15 nationalities, based in London; and raise $19 million of investment from acclaimed investors such as Jim Breyer, Marc Benioff, Martin Sorrell, Jim O’Neill, Troy Carter, Index Ventures, Sherry Coutu and others.

Thank You To Our Amazing Partners