Helping hardware founders build better companies.

We are excited to announce that Hardware Workshop is coming to Hong Kong on November 13!

Hardware workshop is an event for hardware startup founders. Taught by experienced operators, it’s purpose is simple: Teach important lessons to the next generation of hardware entrepreneurs.

What makes this workshop unique is the quality of the content, the deep operational experience of the teachers, and the long term connections you will make. Hand curated, each teacher covers a unique topic that falls within the startup’s life cycle from an idea to reaching market fit.

Who Should Attend?

Founders and employees of early stage hardware startups.  This is a compressed, one day format so we have 6 different 60 minute sessions, taught by experienced operators, covering a variety of topics from product development to raising seed funding to managing your suppliers.

What Will I Learn?

Lots. We will have 6 different 60 minute sessions on:

  • Raising seed funding from VCs
  • Building your brand
  • Product launches
  • Crowdfunding
  • Product Development
  • How to manage your contract manufacturer


Friday, November 13th. Doors open at 9:00am

Sessions run every hour (except for lunch) from 10am – 5pm.

Followed by Happy Hour


Brinc IOT Hub

7th Floor, PMQ, Block A

35 Aberdeen Street

Central, Hong Kong


300 HKD

This includes breakfast, lunch, beverages, and happy hour. Being entrepreneurs we are sensitive to charging for events, but we found a minimum amount enables us to make the events better (good food, audio/video equipment, location, organizer help, etc), while ensuring you are committed to the event.

How Do I Attend?

First you have to apply. We aren’t judging what people are building, just verifying people are actually building hardware. We only have 100 open spots. We are looking for startup teams who are working on a hardware product and who really want to attend. Otherwise the lessons we’re teaching can’t be applied. If your application is accepted you will get an email to purchase a spot.


How Do I Buy A Ticket?

Once you are accepted you will be emailed a code to purchase your ticket.

If you have any other questions just send an email to

Who Is Teaching?


Rob Coneybeer – Shasta Ventures
Rob is a co-founder and managing director of Shasta Ventures, a Sand Hill Road based venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies. Before co-founding Shasta in 2004, Rob was a general partner at New Enterprise Associates. At Shasta Ventures, his investments include Nest (acquired by Google for $3.2 billion in 2014), Doctor on Demand, and RelayRides.  Rob is passionate about anything with an engine, including robots, satellites, and new modes of transportation. He is particularly interested in smartphone-based businesses, collaborative consumption, connected hardware, and The Internet of Things.You can follow him on twitter @robconeybeer


Ben Einstein – Bolt
Ben Einstein is an experienced product designer and entrepreneur. Ben is currently the Managing Director of Bolt, a seed-stage fund that invests capital, personnel, equipment, and expertise in hardware startups. Bolt provides companies with capital, staff, shop equipment, and extensive expertise with manufacturing and commercialization. Prior to starting Bolt, Ben ran Brainstream Design, a product design and development consultancy in Massachusetts. Ben has been directly responsible for bringing a long list of products to market covering diverse sectors including consumer electronics, high-performance audio, sporting goods and green energy.@BenEinstein


Scott Miller – Dragon Innovation
Scott is the CEO of Dragon Innovation, a company whose mission is to help hardware entrepreneurs succeed in every phase of the journey from a crowdfunding to manufacturing at scale. Prior to founding Dragon, Scott spent 10 years at iRobot and was responsible for setting up and leading the team that manufactured Roomba, Scooba, Looj and ConnectR. Scott is also a General Partner at Bolt, and has served as an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Olin College and taught the Mechanical Design and the Design for Manufacture courses. @DragonInnovate


Jon Dimatos – Kickstarter
John Dimatos is the Director of Tech and Design outreach at Kickstarter, where he helps people, institutions, and companies bring creative projects to life. An alumnus of Makerbot Industries, John also co-created an award winning Disaster simulation game for UNICEF. John was a Resident Researcher at ITP/NYU, and graduated from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


Florian Simmendinger – Soundbrenner
Founder and CEO of Soundbrenner, makers of the world’s first wearable smart device for musicians. It’s called Soundbrenner Pulse and aims for the ambitious goal to help every single musician on the planet to master their rhythm. Prior to founding Soundbrenner in June 2014, Florian published his first non-fiction book at the age of 24. He obtained a degree in business administration in Germany and Mexico. Florian speaks four languages and lives in Hong Kong. Besides being passionate about building great products at Soundbrenner he enjoys backpacking to all corners of the world.


Paul Sykes – Ambi Labs
Paul Sykes is the Chief Hardware Engineer and a co-founder of Ambi Labs, a Hong Kong based Internet of Things startup developing products that change how consumers interact with common household appliances. Their first product, Ambi Climate, is a smart add-on device that controls your existing air conditioner based on your preferences, giving you automatic, personalised comfort while helping you save energy. Having studied electronics at University, Paul made a brief foray into software used in the pharmaceutical industry, however his passion for electronics re-surfaced, prompting a move to an early stage yet successful company creating products used globally in the Radio and TV broadcast industry. @paulsykes

Thank You To Our Amazing Partners