Helping hardware founders build better companies.

I’m excited to announce that Hardware Workshop is coming back to San Francisco on September 12th and 13th.

Hardware workshop is a two day event for hardware startups. Taught by experienced operators, it’s purpose is simple: Teach important lessons to the next generation of hardware entrepreneurs.

What makes this workshop unique is the quality of the content, the deep operational experience of the teachers, and the long term connections you will make. Hand curated, each teacher covers a unique topic that falls within the startup’s life cycle from an idea to reaching market fit.

Friday, September 12th – Saturday, September 13th.

  • Doors open at 9:00am
  • Sessions run every hour (10am – 1pm, Lunch, 2pm-5pm).
  • Followed by Happy Hour

PCH International, 135 Mississippi St, San Francisco 94107


This includes two breakfasts, two lunches, beverages, and happy hour.

Being entrepreneurs we are sensitive to charging for events, but we found a minimum amount enables us to make the events better (good food, audio/video equipment, location, organizer help, etc), while ensuring you are committed to the event.

Sorry but the event is now sold out. You can subscribe on the left hand side to find out about our next workshops.

Lots. We will have 12 different 60 minute sections, taught be experienced operators. The topics are the following:

  • Building Real Press Relationships
  • Defining your brand
  • Refining to an MVP
  • Picking A Supplier
  • Navigating Production
  • Hiring an Operations Team
  • Hardware By The Numbers
  • Building A Business Model
  • The Right Roadmap
  • IP On A Startup Budget
  • Prototyping, prototyping, prototyping.


Marc Barros – Moment
Marc Barros is the co-founder of Moment, amazing lenses for your mobile phone, which recently raised $450K on Kickstarter. Prior to Moment, Marc was a co-founder and former CEO of Contour, a hands-free camera company that makes action video easy to capture and share. Shortly after graduating from the University of Washington, Marc co-founded Contour in 2004 and led the organization from a garage to a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. @marcbarros
Ben Einstein – Bolt
Ben Einstein is an experienced product designer and investor. Ben is currently the Managing Director of Bolt, an early-stage seed fund focused exclusively on hardware startups. In addition to seed capital, Bolt invests full-time staff, shop equipment, and extensive expertise with manufacturing and commercialization. Prior to starting Bolt, Ben ran Brainstream Design, a product design and development consultancy in Massachusetts. Ben has been directly responsible for bringing a long list of products to market covering diverse sectors including consumer electronics, high-performance audio, sporting goods and green energy.
Eric Klein – Lemnos Labs
My passion is imagining, engineering, and marketing innovative hardware products. I’ve had the opportunity to found successful startups, manage teams in highly successful, multi-national corporations, and provide capital to early stage startups. I’m a Partner at Lemnos Labs, the San Francisco based hardware accelerator helping lead the worldwide hardware renaissance. I’ve previously enjoyed product roles at Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Real Networks, Palm, and Apple.
Gary Roberts – Lyve
Gary is seasoned operations executive who has also managed multiple supply chains in China over the last 15 years. He has held leadership roles in large companies such as Palm, Apple & Cisco while also working in startups which include Pure Digital Technologies, Looxice and Contour. His passion is working with great people and helping them grow as well as optimizing business operations and driving decisions based on KPI’s.
Andre Neumann-Loreck – Advisor
Andre Neumann-Loreck serves as an advisor and consultant to HW startups including Anki, Romotive, Faraday Bikes and Sproutling and others. Prior to this, Andre was Vice President of Engineering, Manufacturing and Operations for Cisco Consumer Products. Before Cisco, Andre built and led successful teams at Pure Digital Technologies (Flip Video) where he was C.O.O. He serves on the board of Marin Country Day School where he co-chairs the Committee on Innovation and Creativity. Andre holds a BA from Sophia University in Tokyo, and speaks German and Japanese.
Ariel Braunstein – Lytro
Ariel Braunstein is Lytro’s Chief Product Officer and a veteran of the consumer electronics space. Ariel was Co-Founder and Head of Products at Pure Digital Technologies, which developed the iconic Flip Video line of pocket camcorders and was acquired by Cisco in 2009. He then was Head of Products for Cisco Consumer Products, where he oversaw Flip Video as well as networking devices and software from Linksys, Pure Networks and other consumer brands. Previously Ariel ran Interact Inc., a gaming platform startup out of Israel and led product development for which was later sold to Sega of Japan.
Adam Craft – Dragon Innovation
Adam is VP of Manufacturing Engineering and Project Management for Dragon Innovation, a company whose mission is to help hardware entrepreneurs succeed in every phase of the journey from crowdfunding to manufacturing at scale. Formerly VP of Global Product Engineering for Hasbro, he has been leading technical teams and developing global products for over 25 years for companies including Hasbro, iRobot, Water Pik, and AT&T Bell Laboratories. Adam holds engineering degrees from Cornell University and the University of Michigan. A former oarsman, runner, and Ironman, Adam now seeks new pursuits of the knee-friendly variety.
Vijay Chattha – Wareness
Vijay Chattha is recognized for his aggressive and creative approach. In 2013, Chattha built the first marketing studio,, for hardware startups that mixes all forms of marketing but is driven by creative storytelling. The results thus far have been historic. Coin, Tile, Moov, Navdy, Vessyl, Osmo, and Ringly have become some of the most successful hardware crowdfunding campaigns of all time. All of these hardware companies are brand new startups with no visibility before working with Wareness and yet will combine to do over $50M in direct-to-consumer revenue by the end of 2014.
Rachael Stefanussen – Astro Studios
As a product designer at Astro Studios, Rachael has worked with numerous clients including Proctor & Gamble, Nike and DirecTV to name a few. Rachael earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Design from University of Cincinnati’s School of Design, and is adept in all aspects of the product development process. Her CAD work and model building skills are only matched by her desire to collaborate with the teams and disciplines she works with. If you’re looking for Rachael and not getting a hold of her, there is either no cell phone reception at the top of a mountain she just biked, or she’s practicing piano with her headphones on.
Brett Lovelady – Astro Studios
Brett Lovelady is the co-founder of Astro Studios. Founded in 1994 as a design driven culture to blend creative skills, technologies and lifestyle perspectives into supercharged products and brands. In 2007, to further commercialize their design brand, ASTRO spun-off ASTRO Gaming, a venture backed, hi-performance video gaming products company, which was sold to Skullcandy, Inc. (NASDAQ: SKUL).
Jason Johnson – August
Serial entrepreneur Jason Johnson brings nearly twenty years of technology expertise to the role of CEO at August. Jason is also a managing partner of startup incubator Founders Den and the chairman of the Internet of Things Consortium. Prior to August, Jason co-founded mobile security software company AirCover (acquired by M Dream, HK:8100) and ebook software startup BookShout!. Previously he was vice president of Dolby Laboratories, vice president of Global IP Solutions (acquired by Google) and was the co-founder and CEO of InterQuest (acquired by Darwin Networks).
Jon Carver – Highway1
Jon is a Senior Mechanical Engineer at Highway 1. Embracing the role of technical adviser, Jon applies over 17 years of experience with product design to help teams enrolled in the program achieve their product vision while reducing risk at vulnerable stages in development process. His broad range of skills and commitment to engineering excellence have resulted in many innovative designs that have consistently met critical requirements such as low cost, mechanical viability and ease of manufacture.
Brian Lee – Highway1
Brian is the Senior Electrical Engineer at Highway1 where he advises startup companies on the development of electronic systems. He specializes in RF and wireless products and has a successful track record of design and shipping hardware products at small start-ups and large corporations in regulated industries. His industry experience includes fixed broadband wireless, cable TV & data, cellular, automotive, heath information technology, and medical devices. He combines broad technical engineering skills with an education in business.
Peter Miller – Schox Patent Group
Peter Miller is a registered Patent Agent in his fourth year with Schox Patent Group, a San Francisco-based law firm that works exclusively with startups. Drawing on his bachelors and masters degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and his backgrounds in both mechatronics and manufacturing, he has filed more than 150 patent applications on a broad range of hardware and software technologies, including manufacturing systems, vehicle technologies, food systems, drones, online security, medical devices, agriculture, and wearable devices. To keep a little grease under his fingernails and to fulfill his design interests, Peter collects and restores early postwar-modern furniture and classic British cars in his free time.







Image Credit: en:User:Paul.h via Creative Commons